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T-shirt Design and Printing in Bulk | Vector Mantra

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Unleash the Picasso Within. Create custom t shirts, hoodies and sports wear patterns and designs online for your team, college groups or any event promotion in bulk with your designs screen printed on premium 180 GSM Round Neck T shirts, 280 GSM cotton Polo Tees and 400 GSM rich cotton fleece blend fabric for hoodies.
Personalized t shirts are open source info for introduction to individual identity, brand identity, public promotion or up coming events or tournaments. Its a gateway to spread your message, advertise and a catalyst for easy and fast promotions. A printed message on a t shirt is a powerful promoter - word of mouth, spread the message as long as the life of the t shirts - pre-event - post event. Brand promotions of this kind will outline many other form of promotions that require huge budget and action plans.

Design with what ever core details you wish to bring your message to public - Having a  t shirt with your own logo printed or embroidered will keep the spirit of your business and brand identity intact, It communicates way beyond the limitations of current advertising traditional modes and conversions finding right audience for your brand or event.

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