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Custom Products for Bulk Customization Vector Mantra

Avail fastest screen printing and embroidery services #vectormantra


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Let your custom embroidered caps  voice  your brand loudly and proudly.  We manufacture custom cotton and polyester stitched caps  with classy embroidery threads or your logo or brand name printed and embroidered on the caps. Personalized caps or hats are the ideal accessory for corporate outings, sports, events, fests, community events and more. We have classic 100% cotton and polyester made to order  head wear caps printed and customized with your own logo. We offer  premium quality customized 100% cotton caps and custom hats  manufactured using rich GSM ratings which are completely customizable and best for branding and promotional events.

Get  personalized  handmade, custom baseball caps, beanies, visors, custom half caps, unique caps of your own designs, umpire hats, custom trucker hats, summer hats, custom sports caps, customized golf caps and hats, gardener hats directly from our creative people each of which has its own promotional customization benefits- all adjustable 5 panel caps or 6 panel caps with extreme level of customization.

We assure that you get the best quality made to order custom caps and hats, every time you order with your personalized logo engraving or printing on caps.


  • Cotton / Polyester / Nylon Caps / Jeans caps / Half caps- visors.
  •  5 panels and 6 panels customized cap stitching and manufacturing.
  • 100% Polyester Material for sports and promotional events.
  • Curved visor with stitched detail.
  • Available in Black, Red, Navy Blue, Mustard Yellow, Orange, Royal Blue and Beige color combinations.
  • Customize caps online in bulk.

Customized Polyester Caps / Embroidery and Printing online

  • 100% Polyester Material.

    Fully Customized. Customized Caps For Women & Men Online in India

    Custom Sizes and Color Combinations availabe.

Call: +91 789 900 6603 for a Quick Quote.

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